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Vocational Rehab

HCE provides persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment in the New Jersey, New York and entire tri-state area with a wide array of vocational rehabilitation services. They include:

Vocational Evaluation HCE provides short-term assessment of individual abilities, preferences and support needs using a wide range of formal assessment tools as well as actual work experience. The end of this program culminates with recommendations for additional services made by a vocational evaluator and counselor.
Work Adjustment Training This 45 to 90 day transitional program is designed to assist in the development of work skills for individuals to help them in today's job market. With a focus on strengths, preferences and support in areas identified for concentrated attention, a vocational evaluator works with each individual to maximize specific work skill development.
Extended Employment Ongoing work experiences are available for those individuals who would prefer a longer period in which to develop employment readiness. While participating in this program, individuals may work in several of the social enterprise businesses offered by HCE at various business sites throughout New Jersey. Our enterprise businesses include Digital Printing, Document Scanning, Document Shredding and Destruction, Building Management, and Packaging and Fulfillment.
Individual and Group Counseling Vocational counseling is provided by highly-qualified professionals in both individual and small group settings. Each individual is assisted by a counselor for the duration of the program. Programs that help adults get the basic skills they need to be productive workers is emphasized.
Community Access Program

Small groups of individuals tour businesses and recreational facilities in the Hudson County area to explore the job tasks involved in various occupations in order to make informed, realistic decisions regarding career goals. This ongoing program is offered to all individuals who receive services. Our programs are accredited by CARF and the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission and our organization has consistently been awarded their highest level of accreditation (three years) since 1885.

Supported Employment Services - Job Coaching Services

A full range of service options are available for employment in the community. HCE’s goal for each individual with any barrier to employment is a successful job search as resources on resumes, interviewing, networking and finding the right position are provided. Job development, job coaching and follow-along services are offered based on individual needs as well. Accommodations and job support are provided as necessary.
  Contact: Christine Remler, Director of Vocational Services, at (201) 432-5959, ext. 200 or fill out our online form.



Phases of Supported Employment:

Trial Work Experience (TWE) provides individuals with the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences in various work related settings in the most integrated environment possible. The ultimate goal of TWE is to determine the consumer's eligibility for DVRS.

Pre-placement activities that assist an individual with a disability to secure a job match in an integrated work setting with competitive wages.

Job Coaching is typically characterized by one-to-one job coaching provided to an individual at the work site which, are designed to help facilitate the acquirement of the physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills needed to maintain employment. As the individual receiving support gains these necessary skills, the intensity level, and frequency of on-site support typically decreases.

Follow-Along activities occur after the pre-placement and job coach phase are completed. It is during this phase which the job coach provides support services needed on an ongoing basis to support, maintain and strengthen a person in competitive employment.

The goal of Supported Employment is competitive employment in an integrated setting, or employment in which individuals are working toward competitive employment, consistent with the strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice of the individuals with ongoing support services for individuals with the most significant disabilities.

  • Competitive means employment in an integrated setting in which the employee is paid at or above minimum wage and the employee is performing the essential job function with or without accommodation and meeting the needs of the employee and employer and promoting the goal of economic self-efficiency.
  • Integrated means the degree to which any person would interact in the community typical for that position.

Contact: Christine Remler, Director of Vocational Services, at (201) 432-5959, ext. 200 or fill out our online form.

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