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Internship Program

Hudson Community Enterprises (HCE) empowers students with disabilities through our newly created internship employment Initiative.

Our program, funded by a generous grant through the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, provides valuable employment opportunities for up to 60 students with disabilities annually. Participants undergo comprehensive training in essential skills—such as professionalism, teamwork, adaptability, and appropriate workplace behavior—to enhance their job performance. With the support of the grant, they are employed for a total of up to 150 hours per year at no cost to the host employer.

Employers, such as yourself, can benefit greatly from having candidates who are well-prepared and well-equipped to contribute effectively from day one. Employing students like this will allow for a seamless transition into roles and increased productivity and contribution in the job. Due to our grant funding, this employment initiative comes at no cost to the hosting businesses and offers a positive experience to enhance the professional skills of students with disabilities. Employers can be assured that these students are motivated, focused, and eager to learn, which helps foster a positive work environment.
Hosting students from our employment initiative reflects positively on your business’s commitment to community involvement and social responsibility. By hosting students, you actively engage in shaping a more inclusive and equitable future, reinforcing your business as a socially conscious leader in the community. It showcases a dedication to inclusivity and to providing equal opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds and abilities. This equal opportunity helps promote an inclusive workplace environment and brings about diverse perspectives and approaches, thus fostering innovation.

We are currently actively seeking businesses that are interested in hosting these students. We feel that the program not only provides necessary job opportunities, but also provides our partner businesses the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of our interns. Thus, shaping the future workforce, creating inclusive work environments, and fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

For information on how to host one of our interns, please email

For information on how to become an intern, please email