Packaging and Fulfillment Services

Packaging and Fulfillment Services

HCE has been a product assembly and packaging specialist –providing a full range of cost –effective hand assembly, packaging, and fulfillment services in our centrally located New Jersey facility since 1957. Over 150 reliable workers are available at our Jersey City location to work for you. Trained to perform a wide variety of assembly, packaging, and fulfillment services, our dependable workers are ready when you need them. Our experienced production staff oversees all packaging, assembly and fulfillment operations to ensure that business customers receive personal service and support.  Our staff monitors each job to ensure quality control, adherence to exacting specifications, quick turnaround time and cost effectiveness.  By choosing to work with us, your organization's bottom line will benefit directly from cost, labor and capital equipment savings.


Mailing    •    Inspections    •    Fulfillment    •    Salvaging

Recycling    •    Weighing and bagging  • Fold/stuffing envelopes       

Assembly   •    Shrink wrapping    •    …and more

We invite you to tour our packaging and fulfillment facility in Jersey City, NJ and see first hand how our business can support your business. We offer free, no obligation estimates for your job.  For more information, contact Christine Remler at 866-324-3337.


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