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High School Transition Program

Understanding that students with disabilities may require additional career exploration and employment preparation, Hudson Community Enterprises provides students with the skills, information and tools needed for their introduction to the work environment.

We are pleased to work with James J. Farris and McNnair High Schools in Jersey City, with over 90 students participating in the program.

Through HCE’s High School Transition Program, we work closely with students to emphasize appropriate behavior and work habits, basic work skills, functional workplace literacy and job retention abilities. The students partake in vocational exploration experiences hosted by community businesses. Through this training, our main goal is the development of transferrable skills for our students.

Transferable skills are the skills gathered through life experiences that can be used in the workplace, and are vitally important to young people seeking their first jobs. Examples of transferrable skills the student will develop through our program include:


Teamwork & Motivation

Handling Challenges, Complaints & Crises

(problem solving skills)


Time Management

Flexibility & Punctuality


Willingness to Learn

Attention to Detail

(including proper attire)


Read Across America

On March 8th, Officer Anton of the JC Police Department and Detective Flores of the Hudson County Sherriff’s Office came to read books to our students on the topics of Positive Affirmations, Overcoming Obstacles and Understanding Differences.

As part of their vocational instruction, students will be bussed to a local worksite, where they will
undertake basic work tasks while supervised by HCE coaches. This immersion within a worksite
is a vital step in the students’ adjustment to functioning in a real work environment.

Participating Businesses Include:

We strive to help our students develop a positive attitude toward employment while instilling a familiarity with basic workplace expectations, and we urge you to contact us for more information on how our program helps to create successful pathways to employment.

School districts or parents of students with disabilities seeking more information, please contact Yolanda Fuller, MA, CRC, VP of Youth Workforce Development at,
201-434-3303 ext. 123, 201-994-5241 (cell)