JERSEY CITY, NJ (October 3, 2023) – Hudson Community Enterprises (HCE) announced today the launch of its #PledgeAllAbilities™ campaign, aimed at incentivizing partnerships with regional employers who are seeking to bolster their inclusivity of persons with disabilities. The campaign is supported through a $275,000 Work First; Innovation and Expansion grant awarded in 2023 through the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

“Saying you support diversity and inclusion in your workplace is a significant step, but actively engaging in an endeavor to realize these objectives takes your commitment to the next level,” said HCE President Joe Brown. “We are inviting the businesses and organizations in Bergen, Hudson, Middlesex and Union counties to pledge their support and join us to promote workplaces that are inclusive of persons with disabilities through our #PledgeAllAbilities™ campaign.”

Through this initiative, HCE seeks to:

  • Increase an organization’s awareness of how to effectively include persons with disabilities into the workplace;
  • Increase HCE’s number of business partnerships, while developing a network of committed inclusive businesses, which will increase placements of individuals in our program as well as providing more equitable employment opportunities for persons with disabilities;
  • Advance our #PledgeAllAbilities™ marketing campaign in tandem with our new and existing partners, raising awareness and helping our partner businesses let their community know they are committed to our cause.

“This outreach campaign will enable organizations to proudly highlight their efforts in engaging with the expansive consumer demographic represented by individuals with disabilities. By showcasing their commitment to hiring and advancing the careers of people with disabilities, these organizations are not only recognizing their invaluable contributions but also positioning themselves as valuable assets in return,” said Daniela Rivera, HCE’s Vice President, Program Development. “We believe that this commitment to inclusion will help the business promote their brand favorably among those who prioritize diversity and inclusion as essential elements of our community.”

For more about #PledgeAllAbilities™, our current program partners and other benefits to joining our campaign, visit

Press inquiries should be sent to Nikki Ouellette at or call 908-783-2410.

About Hudson Community Enterprises

Hudson Community Enterprises (HCE) is a not-for-profit company that has been providing training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities for over 60 years. HCE operates five enterprise businesses, including building maintenance services, Electronic Content Management (ECM)/document scanning, document shredding, digital printing and packaging and fulfillment. Each of these businesses employs persons with disabilities, many of whom have been provided workforce development/training and vocational rehabilitation through our HCE.

In 2023, HCE launched the Center for Employment and Inclusion for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and DEAFinite SolutionsTM, a social enterprise offering business services created by and for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

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