Hudson Community Enterprises Honors Long-Time Chair With Dedication of Facility

Tuers Avenue-Jersey City Facility Named “Ronald H. Shaljian Building”

Ron Shaljian isn’t bashful when it comes to supporting and advancing the mission of Hudson Community Enterprises. For decades, he has been spreading the word about HCE’s training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, and 35 years ago, was instrumental in securing a new facility.

Recently, HCE honored Ron’s commitment by naming the Tuers Avenue facility (one of two facilities HCE operates in Jersey City) after their long-time Chairman.

“I’m not bashful when I meet with new businesses or organizations about what we have accomplished at HCE over six decades,” Ron said, shortly after the celebration of the newly minted facility this Summer. “I always say, ‘Hire our people…you won’t be disappointed.”

Ron’s approach to finding HCE’s trainees employment is similar to the passion he showed in 1987 when he discovered that the Tuers building was available.

Ron, who is a long-time member of the Jersey City-based law firm Schumann Hanlon Marguilies, said that one of his clients had mentioned the availability of an unutilized facility on Tuers Avenue, and Ron knew it could be a good fit to enhance needed office space in addition to the existing Montgomery Avenue facility.

“Next thing I know, we had the office space donated, and we were in talks with the State of New Jersey regarding low-cost financing to get it ready for use,” said Shaljian. “I was so happy to be part of bringing this new site online. It was time for us to grow.”

Ed Bogosian, also a Board member at HCE and a longtime marketing professional, notes that Ron’s manner has always been to help others

“Ron is sincerely dedicated and compassionate,” says Bogosian, “He has been a ‘brother’ and mentor all my life. His loving and patient manner has shown the way for others, including many of the people at HCE, some of whom he’s known for decades.”

HCE President Joe Brown noted that through the years, “Ron has been a steady captain of the HCE ship, through many challenges and much success. We were happy to affix his name to honor our building and our mission.”

At the dedication ceremony, Ron was proud to have the members of his family, Catherine, his wife, Lara Arocho, his daughter, Oscar Arocho, his son-in-law, and his two grandchildren, Cindy and Jack present. Jack, 8-years-old, named the building “The Papa Building” and created his own plaque, which will be displayed in the building.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Gene Boffa, Ron’s long-time friend and law partner summed it up this way…”not only has Ron given so many years to HCE, he has given his time and energy to all of us, his friends who are here today and asks nothing in return.”