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HCE’s Document Scanning, Digital Printing, Shredding and Document Destruction, Building and Property Management, and Packaging and Fulfillment businesses employ persons with disabilities and provide valuable services to many businesses and organizations in the New Jersey, New York, and entire tristate area. In addition to these enterprise businesses, HCE also offers pre-employment preparation programs for high school youth with disabilities preparing to enter the world of work as well as employment readiness programs for adults with disabilities. HCE’s various employment programs have helped thousands of individuals with disabilities find rewarding work over the years.

For many American youth, a bright, secure financial future begins early in life with positive influences from family and the community, along with educational experiences that typically result in a high school diploma and a clear path for pursuing higher education or some form of job training. Multiple studies have shown that the longer a person is without a high school diploma or a skilled training program necessary for a family-supporting wage, the more likely that individual will remain in poverty, thus requiring significant social services and welfare. HCE’s training programs bridge the gap for those with disabilities to organizations in need of skilled, reliable, productive, and engaged employees.

HCE offers training programs focusing on basic computer skills such as spreadsheets as well as instruction on earning a Graduate Equivalency Diploma. Hudson Community Enterprises works with both physically and mentally disabled individuals and those formerly employed to develop necessary, marketable employment skills. HCE receives funding from the New Jersey Department of Labor, the State Division for the Developmentally Disabled, and the school boards of the communities in which it operates.

At HCE, our goal is to instill a positive attitude that focuses what disabled individuals can learn and accomplish. Our experienced, supportive staff members help those in our training programs identify and develop the necessary skills needed to find a fulfilling profession.

Upon completing one of our training programs and, after job placement, HCE has follow-along services that offer individuals the support of a job coach to assist them in maintaining employment. We have found that this has been particularly beneficial in increasing the long-term employment of individuals with disabilities who otherwise would have been at risk of job loss. Persons with disabilities that work in HCE’s business enterprises and completed training in one of the programs not only have a job with the dignity of a paycheck, but these earnings positively impacted their lives as well as their communities in a substantial way. The financial and social returns that result the training as well as businesses that HCE operates allow for the gainful employment of disabled individuals in an integrated, community setting, working with industry experts along with those without disabilities. By regularly assessing the skills of its employees with disabilities, opportunities for advancement or movement to another job with another employer give those with barriers to employment choices when it comes to their career.

For more information on the training programs offered by Hudson Community Enterprises, please contact Abbe Morello, VP, Workforce Development at or at 201-434-3303 x228.





Happy Holidays CNA!!!


The New year is a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf, restart the clocks and tackle new goals.

Hudson Community Enterprises is still offering an amazing Free Training Opportunity in Digital Print or Document imaging.


Next group begins Monday Jan 6th


Please see attached flyer and circulate to any one who can benefit.

The criteria:

  • Open to youth 16-24
  • MUST be unemployed and not attending school


  • 12 week Free training either in digital print or Electronic Content Management classes are from 9-4pm
  • Career development classes- (how to interview, how to create a resume, cover letter, work attitudes Etc..)
  • students will be placed in an internship and paid at $13.06 for the last 4 weeks of the 12 week training
  • job placement and higher education
  • Accreditation certificate

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